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When Behaviour Turns Demonic

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The Only Fix that Truly Satisfies

The first 27 years of my life was spent searching for this fix in every nook and cranny the world had to offer, all of these places were outside of Jesus Christ, of course. The last 15 years of my life I have found it absolutely impossible to find it anywhere other than in Jesus Christ. Readmore

Relief from Bitterness of Soul

Paul Tautges uses the example of Hezekiah about bringing our suffering to the Lord. Read more

The Impact of Sleep Habits

As a physician, Charles Hodges has often been asked how much sleep a person needs. The question often comes in the context of a patient who is struggling with the effects of not sleeping well. Read more

Biblical Counselling Training in Paris, France

Overseas Instruction in Counseling will be offering training in biblical counselling in the Paris region of France in October.

What Drives Busyness or Procrastination

What drives busyness or procrastination? It's a busy life. We might not notice how exhausted or anxious we are or why we put things off 'till the last minute. What is driving our busyness or procrastination? What is fueling our overloaded schedule or inability to rest?
A FREE event with Amanda Naves. Amanda trained as a biblical counsellor with CCEF and now directs the Intern Scheme with Biblical Counselling UK.
FRIDAY 26 APRIL 2019 7.30pm for 8pm start.
1439 Pollokshaws Road,
Glasgow, G41 3RQ
or at Eventbrite:
There are many reasons (and many books), and this seminar will explore our battles and
struggles and how Jesus can transform those into freedom and joy and rest in him.

Continuing the Conversation on a Biblical Understanding of Autism

In this blog, Mark Shaw gives an overview of autism from a biblical perspective