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10 Resources on Sexual Abuse Prevention and Sexual Abuse Healing and Hope in Christ

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CCEF courses Partially Available in Dutch

CCEF cursusen, die in het engels gegeven worden, kunnen nu gevolgd worden in nederland. Huiswerk opdrachten mogen in het nederlands gedaan worden. De groep guttaspei heeft diverse overtuigingen wat hulpverlening betreft, niet alleen het standpunt van biblical counseling: Link

118 Top Biblical Counseling Books: 2012-2018

Every year since 2012, Bob Kellemen has collated a list of top/most important biblical counseling books. Several people have asked me to collate those lists…and here you go. If my math is correct, you have links to posts about the 118 Most Important Biblical Counseling Books: 2012-2018. Read more

7 Biblical Counselling Resources on Communication and Relationships

Bob Kellemen recommends 7 biblical counselling resources on communication and relationships. Read more

Counselling Men who Have Had an Abortion

Garrett Kell writes: Roughly twenty-five percent of American men have participated in an abortion. Statistically, that means that 1-in-4 men in the American church have the blood of their own children on their hands. I was one of those men. Read more

New Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Overseas Instruction in Counseling is now offering a second Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Biblical Counseling Foundations Webinar

Reigning Grace Counseling center will be holding a biblical counseling foundations on February 15 and Saturday 16 2019