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Caring for the Souls of Children

  If a young child came to you for counsel, how would you help them? Do children need a different kind of advice than a teenager or an adult? Caring for the Souls of Children’s   core thesis is that their struggles, desires, and hopes are no different than adults’. Children struggle with the same desires as adults, are lured by the same lies adults fall prey to, and find hope in the same source as adults find hope. The first part of the book explains foundation and methodological issues involved when counseling children. This includes key elements when counseling and an awareness of the stages of childhood development. Part two addresses specific counseling issues that children face. These issues are in relationships, emotions, their bodies, and trauma. Given the nature of the book, it is only possible to briefly address each of these areas. Caring for the Soul’s of Children is an excellent starting point to address the issues children face and how to counsel them biblically