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Counselling Men who Have Had an Abortion

Garrett Kell writes: Roughly twenty-five percent of American men have participated in an abortion. Statistically, that means that 1-in-4 men in the American church have the blood of their own children on their hands. I was one of those men. Read  more

New Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Overseas Instruction in Counseling is now offering a second Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Biblical Counseling Foundations Webinar

Reigning Grace Counseling center will be holding a biblical counseling foundations on February 15 and Saturday 16 2019

90 Biblical Counseling Resource Links - Free PDF

Bob Kellmen has made a resource of 90 biblical counseling resource links. The free PDF can be found  here

Jesus' Bones and the Sovereignty of God

David Dunham explains why Jesus' bones give us hope and assurance in suffering. Read more  here

Biblical Counseling and the Land of the Rising Sun, Part 1

Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its beauty, ingenuity, discipline, amazing food, and biblical counseling. Well, maybe not that last one—at least, not yet. Read  more

10 International Biblical Counseling Organizations

Bob Kellemen has listed 10 Biblical Counseling organizations to follow. See  here

Counseling and Coping

Kyle Johnston writes about the necessity of gaining wisdom to handle the complexities of life. Read  here


Bill Hines writes:  Christians are called to please God not self. Yet in our struggle with addiction, we become self-focused and provide excuses as to why we are not walking with God. The people of Micah’s day wanted to know what they could do to overcome their heinous sin committed against God. Not unlike many of us today they tried to devise a way back to God that would   read more