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Helping Abusive Men: Putting Off and Putting On

Wise counsel from Chris Moles about helping abusive men

Parental Responses to Bullying

In this podcast, Heath Lambert of A.C.B.C. speaks about parental responses to bullying

Do We Have to Forgive Someone if they Don't Repent?

Timothy Massaro addresses the difficult subject of forgiveness when the offender doesn't repent

Teens and Disappointment

Helpful insights from Ellen Castillo about counseling teens who are experiencing disappointment

Troubled by Triggers?

Andrea Lee provides helpful suggestions for how to help people who experience emotional difficulties after triggers

Inside the Heart of a CSA Survivor

Pam Gannon provides compassionate insights into what goes on in the mind of a victim of childhood sexual abuse

Debilitated and Diminished what others are saying:

The biblical principles that Dr. Anne Dryburgh shares in "Debilitated and Diminished" are tried and true. In her book is a clear and concise breakdown of biblical principles, along with great practical applications to help women suffering under emotional abuse. Chapter 4 is also a valuable resource, as it covers the role of the church and how to come alongside and be a friend to the abused wife. Even though "Debilitated and Diminished" is full of deep and profound truth, it's an easy read. As I said... clear and concise! Whether you're in ministry, or a friend of someone suffering under emotional abuse, this book would be a great tool for your tool belt! And, even though this book is geared towards helping the emotionally abused wife; many of the principles could apply to emotional abuse occuring in different dynamics. We have requested that anyone in a leadership role, within our church read this book. It i…

Counseling a Liar 1: The Heart of a Lie

New Blog Series from Faith Church Lafayette. Counseling a Liar, pt 1: "If you leave a garden unattended, it will grow weeds. If you leave it for years and years, it will be impossible for you to tell that it was ever a garden at all. The person that chooses to lie has chosen not to cultivate..." Read further

Six Steps to Becoming a Church that Welcomes People with Disabilities

Paul Tautges suggests six steps churches can take to ensure people with disabilities are warmly welcomed

Helping those Struggling with Addictions - Dr. Mark Shaw

In this interview, Dr. Mark Shaw speaks about opportunities for help for those struggling with addictions and about becoming more equipped to support them