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Serving those who Serve

The Fallen Soldiers March (FSM) exists to take a hands-on, practical approach to helping those who struggle. FSM’s vision is to serve those who have served us by providing the type of counsel that comes directly from God’s Word and is empowered by God’s Spirit. This is exactly what our veterans need to handle their PTS, and all “Consequences of War,” in a way that glorifies God and provides them with true, everlasting hope.  Read more

Review: Grandparenting with Grace by Larry McCall

When I conjure up the picture of perfect grandparents, I think of people who invest and play with their grandkids. The sort of old folks kids see as people who will spoil them and be fun. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have grandparents like this? In  Grandparenting with Grace  ,  Larry McCall goes deeper than my imaginations by thinking about what scripture teaches regarding grandparenting. He writes about ultimate issues, namely the salvation and growth of children and grandchildren and then practically suggests how to be intentional, Christ-focused grandparents.   A Biblical View of Grandchildren   Created in God’s Image   For grandparents to do this, they need to see grandchildren as God does. They are made in his image and made to depend on him. Grandparents can be involved in their lives to guide them to find and see that God has the answers to the questions and challenges of life. In Need of a Savior Understanding who they are from a biblical perspective, mea