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Free Audio from BCI Conferences

Thanks to the generous support of our monthly donors and the people who have purchased MP3 CDs in the past, the Biblical Counseling Institute has been able to open up an account at :, you can download for free the audio messages from the male speakers at the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 conferences! (Sermon Audio only allows male speakers to be uploaded)


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Debilitated and Diminished: Helping Victims of Emotional Abuse

This period of self-isolation has shown the suffering of abuse victims and their need for help and support.  Debilitated and Diminished is written for counselors and churches to help them understand the dynamics of abuse, how the victim responds in her suffering, and ways that the church can help. You can find the book  here  

10 International Biblical Counseling Organizations

Bob Kellemen has listed 10 Biblical Counseling organizations to follow. See  here

Road Map to Reunification: A Biblical Counselor’s Approach to Domestic Abuse

The emphasis of the 2019 BCC Council Meeting was learning to better serve victims and perpetrators of domestic oppression, abuse, and violence. I had the pleasure of presenting the Roadmap to Reunification , which is what we at Reigning Grace Counseling Center call our plan for helping those caught up in this terrible situation.  Read more