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Debilitated and Diminished: What Others are Saying

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Peacemaking in the Home

Paul Tautges has kindly provided a two-part seminar taught by Ed Fedor, one of the pastors and counselors at his church. For the free audio and Pdf click here

Are You Overwhelmed with Sorrow over Sin? Jesus Restores!

Receive Christ’s consolation by remembering the gospel mirror of grace revealed in Jesus’ restoration of Peter. Read more

Compounding the Trauma of Rape

Suffering is always involved when people seek counseling. Over the years, I have met with women suffering from depression, childhood abuse, marital abuse, and addictions. Perhaps one of the toughest situations is when a woman tells me that she has been raped. Everything about it is horrifying. Many people who have been traumatized in this way turn to alcohol or drugs to lessen their wrenching pain. Continue reading

Anxiety: Paul Tautges

When a person is consumed with anxiety, it can have a debilitating effect on their lives. All of us are affected by it, to one extent or another. Tautges wrote this 31-day devotional book to offer practical help to the reader. He does this by explaining what anxiety is, by looking at the character of God and seeing how his promises speaks into our anxiety, and by showing biblical wisdom for practical ways to fight it. Anxietyis a practical devotional book that helps the reader know the Lord and receive his wisdom when he or she is inclined to fear and worry 

Domestic Abuse and the Church

Peaceworks is excited to announce the release of a new, email-based domestic abuse workshop which, they hope, will be an essential ministry asset to pastors, church leaders, biblical counselors, and other people helpers serving the local church.
This workshop will consist of four sessions:

October 11th - The Safest Place on the Planet?
October 16th -  A Church Aware
October 19th - The Church Responds
October 22nd - Building a Church-Based Response Team

If you would like to receive this free, convenient training sent directly to your email inbox, sign-up here

Serving those who Serve

The Fallen Soldiers March (FSM) exists to take a hands-on, practical approach to helping those who struggle. FSM’s vision is to serve those who have served us by providing the type of counsel that comes directly from God’s Word and is empowered by God’s Spirit. This is exactly what our veterans need to handle their PTS, and all “Consequences of War,” in a way that glorifies God and provides them with true, everlasting hope. Read more