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Abuse: Domestic Violence and a Call to Repentance

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465 Biblical Counseling Resources

Bob Kellemen has compiled a list of 465 biblical counseling resources

Abuse: The Need for Full Disclosure and Impact Statements in Abuse Reconciliation

Julie Ganschow sharesReigning Grace's process for counseling the abused

Abuse: Three Important Truths When Helping the Abused

Anne Dryburgh explains three important truths to remember when counseling the abused

Abuse: Consider Jesus, the Ultimate Hope for Victims of Abuse

Abuse damages the human soul in ways that only the God of redemption can heal. Therefore, to be faithful counselors, we must acknowledge that the deepest need of the abused person is a need which can only be met by the One who was abused more than any other. Paul Tautges shares insights into how to bring people to Jesus 

"A Gift to the Church" - Debilitated and Diminished: What Others are Saying

Dr. Dryburgh has given a gift to the body of Christ that will produce fruit beyond what she can possibly imagine. Oddly enough the author has written a book that counselor, perpetrator and victim can benefit from by crafting a position on emotional abuse that paints a picture of what normal is. My greatest challenge in caring for victims of abuse is not in identifying and describing abuse but rather in painting a picture of the future for an abused Christian woman. How does she overcome the "effects" of abuse and glorify God with her life? I will say it again, there is no other gospel-centered book out there that I know of that can address, and help, both abuser and victim.

Available here and here

Why I Wrote Raising Kids in the Way of Grace

Bob Kellemen explains why he wrote Raising Kids in the Way of Grace: 5 Marks of Grace-Focused Parenting