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All of us will experience some level of loneliness at some point in our lives. The people who are most likely to experience the biting pain of loneliness include those who are facing bereavement, marital problems and/or divorce, chronic illness, unfamiliar surroundings or culture, or children who are growing up in a difficult home. Continue reading

Biblical Counseling and Mental Illness

In counseling, we often find ourselves confronted with the question: Which issues are spiritual problems and which are not?Are people suffering because of physical or because of spiritual problems? What about “mental illness”? What is “weakness”? When should we talk of sin? We need to know: What issues is the Bible and “Biblical Counseling” sufficient for? What are our opportunities and what are our limits? Wrong answers and approaches to these questions have led to much pain in the practice of counseling. At our NBS-Conference 2018 we want to address these important issues. Our speakers are: Dr. Heath Lambert, pastor, professor, author, and director of ACBC, as well as Dr. Charles Hodges and Dr. Dan Wickert, two medical doctors who pursue both their medical practices, as well as biblical counseling. Both have dealt extensively with this area of study and are known for their work through lectures and publications. During the three-day conference, there will be six main sessions, as w…

Wisdom in Temptation

Stephen Yuille from CBCD shares how to live wisely while facing temptation

Protecting Against Child Abuse in the Church

Deepak Reju suggests ways churches can protect their children from sexual predators

Hope for Healing - Borderline Personality Disorder

David Powlison shares insights into how to bring hope to someone who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder