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Peacemaking in the Home

Paul Tautges has kindly provided a two-part seminar taught by Ed Fedor, one of the pastors and counselors at his church. For the free audio and Pdf click here

Are You Overwhelmed with Sorrow over Sin? Jesus Restores!

Receive Christ’s consolation by remembering the gospel mirror of grace revealed in Jesus’ restoration of Peter. Read more

Compounding the Trauma of Rape

Suffering is always involved when people seek counseling. Over the years, I have met with women suffering from depression, childhood abuse, marital abuse, and addictions. Perhaps one of the toughest situations is when a woman tells me that she has been raped. Everything about it is horrifying. Many people who have been traumatized in this way turn to alcohol or drugs to lessen their wrenching pain. Continue reading

Anxiety: Paul Tautges

When a person is consumed with anxiety, it can have a debilitating effect on their lives. All of us are affected by it, to one extent or another. Tautges wrote this 31-day devotional book to offer practical help to the reader. He does this by explaining what anxiety is, by looking at the character of God and seeing how his promises speaks into our anxiety, and by showing biblical wisdom for practical ways to fight it. Anxietyis a practical devotional book that helps the reader know the Lord and receive his wisdom when he or she is inclined to fear and worry 

Domestic Abuse and the Church

Peaceworks is excited to announce the release of a new, email-based domestic abuse workshop which, they hope, will be an essential ministry asset to pastors, church leaders, biblical counselors, and other people helpers serving the local church.
This workshop will consist of four sessions:

October 11th - The Safest Place on the Planet?
October 16th -  A Church Aware
October 19th - The Church Responds
October 22nd - Building a Church-Based Response Team

If you would like to receive this free, convenient training sent directly to your email inbox, sign-up here

Serving those who Serve

The Fallen Soldiers March (FSM) exists to take a hands-on, practical approach to helping those who struggle. FSM’s vision is to serve those who have served us by providing the type of counsel that comes directly from God’s Word and is empowered by God’s Spirit. This is exactly what our veterans need to handle their PTS, and all “Consequences of War,” in a way that glorifies God and provides them with true, everlasting hope. Read more

Review: Grandparenting with Grace by Larry McCall

When I conjure up the picture of perfect grandparents, I think of people who invest and play with their grandkids. The sort of old folks kids see as people who will spoil them and be fun. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have grandparents like this? In  Grandparenting with Grace , Larry McCall goes deeper than my imaginations by thinking about what scripture teaches regarding grandparenting. He writes about ultimate issues, namely the salvation and growth of children and grandchildren and then practically suggests how to be intentional, Christ-focused grandparents.
A Biblical View of Grandchildren
Created in God’s Image For grandparents to do this, they need to see grandchildren as God does. They are made in his image and made to depend on him. Grandparents can be involved in their lives to guide them to find and see that God has the answers to the questions and challenges of life.
In Need of a Savior Understanding who they are from a biblical perspective, means that grandchildren need Jesus as …

Daniel Berger's Books in Portuguese

Seven of Daniel Berger II's books about Mental Illness are now available in Portuguese. You can find the information here

Encyclopedia of Biblical Counseling

Today Dr. Greg Gifford announced the setting up of the Encyclopedia of Biblical Counseling.
You can access it here

Practical Shepherding Articles in German

Some of the Practical Shepherding articles have been translated into German.  Here are the first five articles.  More to come  

Resisting Abuse and Matthew Chapter 5

Rev. Chris Moles explains the importance of resisting abuse as he interprets and explains Matthew 5. Read more

Gospel Hope for an Epidemic

Mark Shaw writes: An incredible number of 64,000 accidental overdose deaths occurred in 2016 in the United States of America. To put that number of souls in perspective, more American people accidentally died in one year due to addictive behavior than died in the entire Vietnam War. Another startling statistic is that the estimated cost since 2001 of the opioid epidemic alone (not including other drugs) is one trillion dollars and it is estimated to cost $500 billion in the next 3 years.[1] What many view as a hopeless problem draining society should be viewed by the Church body across the world as an enormous opportunity to point people to the hope of the gospel and Jesus Christ. Read more

Testimonials to Christ’s Glory Through the Life and Ministry of Dr. David Powlison

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints” (Psalm 116:15).

Dr Bob Kellemen has collated touching testimonials to Dr David Powlison. Read them here

Biblical Counseling and the Legacy of David Powlison

Jeremy Pierre writes: you know a man by what he loves. This is true in any role that man takes. I think it’s fair to say that David Powlison filled the role of primary leader in the biblical counseling movement, and as influencer over those in evangelicalism most concerned with pastoral care. Read more

God Save the Kids

Christian parents want their kids to be saved. We believe that being saved doesn’t just keep them out of hell and get them into heaven; God saving our kids will help them live Christ-honoring lives. We sleep better knowing that. Read more


Apart from the death of a child, one of the deepest hurts a Christian parent can experience is that of having what is often called a “prodigal child.” Read more

Counseling the Terminally Ill

Steve Midgley shares some of the lessons he has gleaned from 30 years of coming alongside the terminally ill. Read more

The Fear of Death

The fear of death is not an irrational fear. Death is alien to the human race, and like any oppressive overlord, it carries with it the dread of confrontation. Like travelers moving through security, we tend to look down and shuffle on by when forced to confront the thought of death. Continue reading

When Behaviour Turns Demonic

“Who is wise and understanding among you?” This question sets the stage for a very interesting juxtaposition of behavior found in James 3, where James gives two diametrically opposed relational mindsets found in the Christian life. All biblical counselors would love to have the joy of counseling people who respond with meekness, gentleness, good conduct, and wisdom. But the reality is, we often find ourselves in the foray of battle where Christians are mimicking worldly behavior—taking on characteristics of the former self and honoring their former master. Kyle Swanson explains these opposing mindsets 

The Only Fix that Truly Satisfies

The first 27 years of my life was spent searching for this fix in every nook and cranny the world had to offer, all of these places were outside of Jesus Christ, of course. The last 15 years of my life I have found it absolutely impossible to find it anywhere other than in Jesus Christ. Readmore

Relief from Bitterness of Soul

Paul Tautges uses the example of Hezekiah about bringing our suffering to the Lord. Read more

The Impact of Sleep Habits

As a physician, Charles Hodges has often been asked how much sleep a person needs. The question often comes in the context of a patient who is struggling with the effects of not sleeping well. Read more

Biblical Counselling Training in Paris, France

Overseas Instruction in Counseling will be offering training in biblical counselling in the Paris region of France in October.

What Drives Busyness or Procrastination

What drives busyness or procrastination? It's a busy life. We might not notice how exhausted or anxious we are or why we put things off 'till the last minute. What is driving our busyness or procrastination? What is fueling our overloaded schedule or inability to rest?
A FREE event with Amanda Naves. Amanda trained as a biblical counsellor with CCEF and now directs the Intern Scheme with Biblical Counselling UK.
FRIDAY 26 APRIL 2019 7.30pm for 8pm start.
1439 Pollokshaws Road,
Glasgow, G41 3RQ
or at Eventbrite:
There are many reasons (and many books), and this seminar will explore our battles and
struggles and how Jesus can transform those into freedom and joy and rest in him.

Continuing the Conversation on a Biblical Understanding of Autism

In this blog, Mark Shaw gives an overview of autism from a biblical perspective

The Annual Guide to Biblical Counseling Resources: Truth for Life - 2019 Edition

Bob Kellemen has produced the 2019 Edition of The Annual Guide to Biblical Counseling Resources. This edition is 160 pages and has 690 annotated, categorized, alphabetized resources (50 pages and 225 resources longer than the 2018 edition). There are still many more resources that could be added. This version has resources from around the world.
This resource can be ordered online for $5. Here is the link:

Compounding the Trauma of Rape

Anne Dryburgh explains how to prevent inadvertently compounding rape victims trauma. Being aware of this equips us to provide better love, care and support

Beauty for Ashes: Gospel Healing for Sexual Abuse

Bob Kellemen shares from Tamar's life about  ministering to the abused

Talking about Technology with Your Teen

Andy Farmersuggestshow to approach talking about technology to your teen

Self-Harm and Suicide

Dave Dunham reflects on helping people who self-harm and those who struggle with suicidal thoughts

10 Resources on Sexual Abuse Prevention and Sexual Abuse Healing and Hope in Christ

Bob Kellmen has complied a list of 10 resources on sexual abuse prevention and sexual abuse healing: See more

CCEF courses Partially Available in Dutch

CCEF cursusen, die in het engels gegeven worden, kunnen nu gevolgd worden in nederland. Huiswerk opdrachten mogen in het nederlands gedaan worden. De groep guttaspei heeft diverse overtuigingen wat hulpverlening betreft, niet alleen het standpunt van biblical counseling: Link

118 Top Biblical Counseling Books: 2012-2018

Every year since 2012, Bob Kellemen has collated a list of top/most important biblical counseling books. Several people have asked me to collate those lists…and here you go. If my math is correct, you have links to posts about the 118 Most Important Biblical Counseling Books: 2012-2018. Read more

7 Biblical Counselling Resources on Communication and Relationships

Bob Kellemen recommends 7 biblical counselling resources on communication and relationships. Read more

Counselling Men who Have Had an Abortion

Garrett Kell writes: Roughly twenty-five percent of American men have participated in an abortion. Statistically, that means that 1-in-4 men in the American church have the blood of their own children on their hands. I was one of those men. Read more

New Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Overseas Instruction in Counseling is now offering a second Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in the Phillipines

Biblical Counseling Foundations Webinar

Reigning Grace Counseling center will be holding a biblical counseling foundations on February 15 and Saturday 16 2019

90 Biblical Counseling Resource Links - Free PDF

Bob Kellmen has made a resource of 90 biblical counseling resource links. The free PDF can be found here

Jesus' Bones and the Sovereignty of God

David Dunham explains why Jesus' bones give us hope and assurance in suffering. Read more here

Biblical Counseling and the Land of the Rising Sun, Part 1

Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its beauty, ingenuity, discipline, amazing food, and biblical counseling. Well, maybe not that last one—at least, not yet. Read more

10 International Biblical Counseling Organizations

Bob Kellemen has listed 10 Biblical Counseling organizations to follow. See here

Counseling and Coping

Kyle Johnston writes about the necessity of gaining wisdom to handle the complexities of life. Read here


Bill Hines writes: Christians are called to please God not self. Yet in our struggle with addiction, we become self-focused and provide excuses as to why we are not walking with God. The people of Micah’s day wanted to know what they could do to overcome their heinous sin committed against God. Not unlike many of us today they tried to devise a way back to God that wouldread more