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Compounding the Trauma of Rape

Suffering is always involved when people seek counseling. Over the years, I have met with women suffering from depression, childhood abuse, marital abuse, and addictions. Perhaps one of the toughest situations is when a woman tells me that she has been raped. Everything about it is horrifying. Many people who have been traumatized in this way turn to alcohol or drugs to lessen their wrenching pain. Continue reading

Anxiety: Paul Tautges

When a person is consumed with anxiety, it can have a debilitating effect on their lives. All of us are affected by it, to one extent or another. Tautges wrote this 31-day devotional book to offer practical help to the reader. He does this by explaining what anxiety is, by looking at the character of God and seeing how his promises speaks into our anxiety, and by showing biblical wisdom for practical ways to fight it. Anxietyis a practical devotional book that helps the reader know the Lord and receive his wisdom when he or she is inclined to fear and worry