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Statement on Abuse

The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has issued a statement on abuse

Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

Substance abuse is often a factor in situations of domestic violence. In this session author Chris Moles will help counselors learn to deal with situations like these
Paul Tautges provides resources about the complex issue of forgiveness

Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition Annual Conference Videos

The Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition recently held a conference about having hope in suffering. The videos for the teaching are available here

Debilitated and Diminished - What Others are Saying

Debilitated and Diminished: what others are saying:
Debilitated and Diminished is a wonderfully helpful book for any biblical counselor. I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the term “emotional abuse” because I think it can be thrown around too easily; some women simply live with an inconsiderate and selfish husband. But does that constitute emotional abuse? And how do you counsel biblically and compassionately? Dr. Dryburgh answers these questions with a clear, solidly biblical approach. She first defines and describes what is meant by emotional abuse, what typical types of behavior are displayed by an abuser, and what the abuser is typically trying to achieve. She then recommends ways to counsel Scripturally which includes the role of the church as well as how to help the wife think and act biblically. After reading this book, I feel much better equipped to help women who are caught in an emotionally abusive marriage. Highly recommended!…

The Natural Regression of a Woman

Mable celebrated her forty-seventh birthday today. Birthdays, like anniversaries, tend to stir-up the “way back machine,” and so it did for Mable as she spent most of her morning reflecting on her life.

40 Questions to Help Those Battling Depression

Paul Tautges suggests 40 questions to keep in mind as we seek to help people struggling with depression

Chris Moles - Helping Abusive Men

Curtis Solomon interviews Chris Moles about the work he does helping abusive men. Chris provides helpful insights, including the contrast between the mindset of entitlement and responsibility

Addiction Resources

Paul Tautges has updated his list of suggested resources for those struggling with addiction

Is there Fear of Man is Your Life

Julie Ganschow explores needing the approval of others