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New Podcast by CBCD

The Center for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship are excited to announce the launch of their new podcast, Counsel the Word. It will feature counseling-related discussions with seasoned pastors and key leaders in biblical counseling. You can subscribe to the podcast here

Great Biblical Helpful Book:

Debilitated and Diminished: Help for Christian Women in Emotionally Abusive Marriages
Available here

"All too many Christian publications try to teach women to fix themselves when thinking they are abused, but don't deal with the fact that the woman can't act right and sit in abuse. This deals lovingly with how the woman can safely deal with her situation while receiving loving support. It also deals with church involvement in disciplining the husband, which is a necessary part. Having been through this, I wish I had received loving counsel that told me something other than suffering was good for my character and Christian development. This was just cruel. Great Biblical helpful book I wish everyone would read and preachers would preach on as so many women are hurting in this way and don't know what to do. Tha
nk you for this book." Amazon Review

Applying Difficult Passages

Mike Emlet suggests the approach "them, him, and us" when seeking to understand Bible passages that are difficult and where we might struggle to see the relevance for us today

12 Ways to Lie About Sexual Sin (and inappropriate relationships)

Brad Hambrick shows 12 ways that people lie about sexual sin and inappropriate relationships

The Sophisticated Idolater: Diagnosing the Four Chambers of the Idolatrous Heart

Bob Kellemen describes the idolatrous heart as having four chambers: relational, rational, volitional, and emotional

The Impact of Anorexia on a Family

Ellen Castillo interviews Sharon about the impact her mother's anorexia had on her family life

A P.L.A.N. to Engage a Suicidal Person Wisely

Tim Allchin suggests a plan to engage a suicidal person wisely

A Christian Response to Suicide or Suicidal Thoughts

Tim Allchin of Biblical Counseling Center discusses how Christians can respond to those with suicidal thoughts

Review: Biblical Counseling Basics

Biblical Counseling Basics: Roots, Beliefs, and Future by Jeremy Lelek provides a comprehensive answer about what biblical counseling is. Lelek does this by defining biblical counseling and then building on it in the three sections of the book. Lelek's definition of biblical counseling includes the belief that it is a model of care that brings scripture to bear on the struggles of the human soul, while showing how people can flourish as they live in obedience to God. In the first section he provides a history of Christian soul care from the Garden of Eden to the present day. Following this, in section two, he covers the theological tenants of biblical counseling. These include the use of scripture in counseling, God's role in the counseling process, a biblical understanding of human nature, the process of change, the role of the church in biblical counseling, and an overview of basic counseling methods. In the final section, he explores areas within biblical counseling where th…

Addicts: Cross Addiction is Your Only Hope

Justin Lakemacher of Redemption House explains how cross addition is the only hope for addicts

Is Biblical Counseling Really CBT?

Nate Brooks answers the question whether biblical counseling and CBT are the same

Six Good Lessons from Disability

Christopher Ralston, Senior Editor of the Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability at Joni and Friends International Disability Center, shares six good lessons from disability with Paul Tautges

I Thought it was Going to be Different

Are you or your counselee dealing with disappointment? Does this statement reflect you? "I thought this was going to be different!" How can you respond? Kevin Carson suggests how to trust the Lord in such situations