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Categorising Humanness

Categorizing Humanness

When my grandfather was a prisoner-of-war, he was witness to incredible cruelty on the part of the captors. Since the prisoners were viewed as not being human, the captors felt free to treat them in anyway they wished. According to the captors, the prisoners were inferior creatures.


People being judged as inferior beings, is something that I have come across frequently when helping women. Sometimes husbands have told them that they are inferior simply because they are women. Children have been treated as inferior to their parents only because they are younger. Local people in a given town can treat people from other countries and cultures as inferior because they are different. Old people can suffer in this way as they are seen to be a burden to the economy. Disabled people are seen as lesser beings because they do not function as other people do. It is even questioned whether the old, the disabled, and the sick should continue to live because their existence is not like that of other people.

Dignified Image-Bearers

In each instance, the stronger group treats the weaker group in a bad way because they consider themselves to be better. But what does it mean to be human? Is there a difference in levels of humanness?
In Genesis 1:26-31, we read that God made the male and the female in his image. Both are equally his image-bearers. When Adam saw Eve in Genesis 2:23, he exclaimed that she was "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." In this way he recognized their similarity. If she was inferior to him, as the animals were, he would not see his similarity and likeness in Eve. 
In 1 Corinthians 11:7, Paul speaks about the difference between the male and the female. In this passage we read “For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man.” In this verse, Paul did not teach that the woman is the image of man, nor that the woman is not the image of God. Paul gives two reasons why the woman is the man’s glory. The first reason is that she came from the man. Paul is referring back to Genesis 2:22, where we read that God created the woman from the man. The second reason is because she was created for the man. We know from Genesis 2 that she was created for the man to be his helper. Although men and women are different to each other, as seen in this passage, they are both made in the image of God and equal in worth as human beings and as Christians. 
Our nature as being made in the image of God is continued after the fall. In Genesis 9:6, we read that God made people in his image and in James 3:9, we are warned about cursing people who are made in his image.

Relating in Dignity

We have discovered that, according to God's design, all people are made in God's image. This means that all people are of equal worth in his sight. This affects how we view other people. No matter a person's age, gender, health, or race, all have equal worth and dignity since all are human beings who are made in God's image. 

Since what we think influences how we live and act, by seeing all people in this way, it will influence how we treat others. It is a call to treat all with dignity and respect. It is a call to reflect the character of God toward all people we relate to.

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Biblical counselling resources in Spanish are numerous. Here are some that I have come across:


The How People Change study guide is available in Spanish through Amazon.  

Age of Opportunity / Edad de Oportunidad by Paul Tripp (Publicaciones Faro de Gracia)

Power Encounters / Encuentros de Poder by David Powlison (Peregrino)

What were you expecting? / ¿Qué estabas esperando? Redimiendo las Realidades del Mtrimonio por Paul Tripp (Publicaciones Faro de Gracia)

Lou Priolo
Heart of Anger/Corazón De Enojo. ISBN-10: 0881139335 ISBN-13: 9780881139334

Teach them Diligently/Enséñales con Diligencia. ISBN: 9781929890551

The Complete Husband/El Marido Integral. ISBN: 9781928980544

New Growth Press

Peacemaker Ministries

Publicacionese Faro de Gracia

Pure Life Ministries

Rick Thomas

Shepherd Press

Timeless Christian Books


Different people in Ukraine teach biblical counselling in Ukrainian and Russian. Kyiv Theological Seminary provides a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling. Coram Deo gives biblical counseling education and Overseas Instruction in Counseling teaches biblical counselling courses.


The Associação Brasileira de Conselheiros Bíblicos is a rich source for biblical counsellors. There are a number of books that have been translated into Portuguese. These include:

The Transforming Power of the Gospel/O poder transformador do evangelho by Jerry Bridges ISBN: 9788574140520

Christ-centered Biblical Counseling/Aconselhamento Bíblico Cristocêntrico by James MacDonald, Bob Kellemen, and Steve Viars  ISBN: 978-85-7414-057-5

Picking up the Pieces/Recolhendo os Pedacos by Lou Priolo ISBN: 978-85-7414-053-7

Age of Opportunity Idade da Oportunidader by Paul Tripp

Welch. Ed.

When People are Big and God is Small/Quando as Pessoas São Grandes e Deus é Pequeno by Ed. Welch


There are a couple of biblical counseling materials in Polish: Heart Change for Life Change by
Julie Ganschow and Psychobabbel by Richard Genz. 


Publications Chrétiennes have a wealth of French-language resources.
Here are a few other works that have been translated into French:
Les coulisses de la relation de couple
Marriage Matters
Winston Smith
Éditions Cruciforme
Quand les hommes ont plus d'importance que Dieu
When People are Big and God is Small
Ed. Welch
Éditions Impact
À la croisée des chemins (guide de l'étudiant)
Crossroads (Student Guide)
Ed. Welch
Éditions Cruciforme
À la croisée des chemins (guide de l'animateur)
Crossraods (Leader's Guide)
Ed. Welch
Éditions Cruciforme
Libéré de la honte
Shame Interuppted
Ed. Welch
Éditions Impact
Contact : entre la Bible et mon histoire
Mike Emlet
Éditions Impact
Instruments dans les mains du Redempteur
Instruments in the Hands of the Redeemer
Paul Tripp
Éditions Cruciforme
Nos relations : des bénédictions compliquées
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
Tim Lane and Paul Tripp
Éditions Cruciforme
Vers une relation d'aide renouvelée
Seeing with New Eyes
David Powlison
Éditions Cruciforme
La dépression
Depression: A Stubborn Darkness
Ed. Welch
Être Libre, c'est possible
Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace
Heath Lambert
Éditions Cruciforme
Dire La Vérité Avec Amour
Speaking the Truth in Love
David Powlison
Livrets  CCEF
Résoudre les conflits quotidiens

Resolving Everyday Conflict
Ken Sande

Nederlandstalige boeken

Voor de nederlandstaligen onder jullie - hier is een lijst van vertaalde werken:

Bridges, Jerry. Inzet en genade. Navigators, 1997. ISBN: 9789063182168.

________. Heer U bent mijn doel. Hoenderloo: Novapres. ISBN: 9789063180867.

________. Verlangen naar heiliging. Hoenderloo: Novapres. ISBN: 9789063180911.

________. Vertrouwen. Hoenderloo: Novapres. ISBN: 9789063182052.

________. Genade. Hoenderloo: Novapres. ISBN: 9789063182045.

________. God vrezen met blijdschap. Hoenderloo: Novapres, 2014. ISBN: 9789063182311.

________. Je leven delen. Navigators. ISBN: 9789076596617.

DeYoung, Kevin. Veel te druk. Barneveld: De Vuurbaak, 2013. ISBN: 9789055604838.

_________. Wat de bijbel werkelijk leert over homoseksualiteit. De Banier. ISBN: 9789462786356.

Gallagher, Steve. Word Jezus gelijk: Confronterende bijbelstudies voor geestelijke vernieuwing. Stichting  Heartcry. ISBN: 9789079465309.

_______. Onweerstaanbaar voor God: Het verwoestende karakter van hoogmoed en de zegen van nederigheid. ISBN: 9789079465507.

________. Seksuele afgoderij. Stichting Heartcry. ISBN: 9789079465293.

MacArthur, John. Alles in hem: Christus genoeg voor leer en leven. ISBN: 9789491382031.

Mack, Wayne. Huiswerk opdrachten voor pastorale counseling – Deel 1. Heverlee: Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling, 1991. ISBN: 9071813029.

_______. Huiswerkopdrachten voor pastorale counseling – Deel 2. Heverlee: Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling, 1992. ISBN: 9071813037.

_______. Groeien in eenheid. Een werkboek voor de huwelijks relatie. Heverlee, Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling. ISBN: 9789071813009.

Peace, Martha. Godvrezende vrouw: Het volgen van Jezus als echtgenote in bijbels perspectief. ISBN: 9789079465521.

Priolo, Lou. Onderwijs je kinderen met het woord van God. ISBN: 9789081979467.

Scott, Stuart. De godvrezende man: Het volgen van Jezus als echtgenoot in bijbels perspectief. 2014. ISBN: 9789079465514.

Tripp, Paul David. Gevaarlijke roeping: Oog in oog met de unieke uitdagingen van pastorale bediening. Heverlee: Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling. ISBN: 9789071813610.

________. De kansrijke jaren: Een bijbelse handreiking voor de opvoeding van tieners. ’t Gulden Boek, 2014. ISBN: 9789033617713.

________. Instrumenten in de handen van de Verlosser: Anderen geestelijk helpen terwijl je eigen hart verandert. Boekenfonds reformatorisch appèl. ISBN: 9789082471120.

________. Anders dan je droomde: Waar het echt om gaat in het huwelijk. De Banier. ISBN: 9789033609480.

________. Opvoeden doe je niet alleen. (Parenting). Banier bv. ISBN: 9789402902242.

Tripp, Ted. De weg naar het kinderhart: Bijbels opvoeding in de praktijk. Zwolle: Goedhart. ISBN: 97890817222872.

Teaching in Spanish - David Barcelo

David Barcelo is a biblical counselor in Spain and the Spanish speaking world. He publishes blog posts with the Spanish Gospel Coalition. In Argentina, he taught an Introduction to Biblical Counseling class. This included Biblical Counseling and the Mission of the ChurchQualification of a Biblical Counselorthe Sufficiency of ScriptureProgressive Sanctificationthe Heart & Dynamics of ChangePsychology & the Bible, and Integration, Inundation, & Reinterpretation. As well as Argentina, he has taught biblical counselling in Chile. Here are 6 videos about peacemaking from a series he gave there.

When we face issues in our lives, or are seeking to help others, we often look for resources to help us care, change, and grow. Bob Kellemen shares his top biblical counseling booksof 2017.

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In February, Biblical Counselling U.K. will be hosting a conference about dealing biblically with anger with Christopher Ash as speaker.

Review: She Got the Wrong Guy: Deepak Reju

She's Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle
Deepak Reju

"Why aren't you married yet?" "You'd better hurry up!" "You are too picky!" "You are resisting God's sanctifying work in your life!" "What is wrong with you that you are still single?"
These common comments made to older Christian single women give some indication of the pressure that they face to marry. As well as hearing such hurtful comments, usually sermons are full of illustrations from Christian family life and church activities revolve around couples and families. The singles are the odd bunch.

This not only puts Christian singles under pressure to marry, but it also gives the impression that they are missing out on God's intention for them. Over the course of many years, I have seen many women marry men when it was clear that it was not a wise choice. Usually they married because of pressure, a desire to fit in, and fear of childlessness and of being alone.

She Got the Wrong Guy

She Got the Wrong Guy is written for women in this position to help them ground their lives in Christ. The book is divided into three parts: from problems to faith, am I dating the wrong guy, and the quest for a godly man.

In part one, from problems to faith, the author describes the challenge that Christian single women face in the 21st century. He explains that her starting point needs to be a dependence on Christ as he knows her struggle and cares for her. From here, the author gives reasons why Christian women settle for unsuitable men and finishes by encouraging them to trust Christ in whom they lack no good thing.

Part two, am I dating the wrong guy, covers ten different types of men whom Christian women should not marry. They are the control freak, the promiscuous guy, the unchurched guy, the new convert, the unbeliever, the angry man, the lone ranger, the commitment-phobic man, the passive man, and the unteachable guy. Counsel is given about how to relate to such men.

Part three gives instruction about the quest for a godly man, by answering the question of how you know if someone is the wrong guy, and if so, what you should do. Advice is given about how to break up in a way that honors God, pursuing real Christian men, and waiting to the honor of God knowing that Christ is enough and that his grace will sustain you.


She Got the Wrong Guy is a book full of godly wisdom that is desperately needed to be heard. It helps Christian single women to live in a wise way from their relationship with Christ, trusting him with their futures. The book is very honest about danger signs in relationships and how people behave. This kind of counsel is needed for singles and for dating couples. By heeding this advice, a lot of heartache could be prevented by helping people to not marry unwisely. The book helps singles make wise choices and to live life to the glory of Christ, knowing that they are not missing out as they are trusting him

12 Ways to Lie About Sexual Sin (and inappropriate relationships)

Brad Hambrick  shows 12 ways that people lie about sexual sin and inappropriate relationships