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Het proces van bijbelse verandering

Heb je ooit de indruk gehad dat je vast zat in je leven, dat je wist dat er verandering nodig was maar niet wist hoe? In dit boek, legt Dr. Julie Ganschow op een heel praktische manier uit hoe de Heer in onze harten werkt en hoe we de nodige veranderingen kunnen
ervaren. Te verkrijgen hier

A Small Book for the Hurting Heart

In this book, Paul Tautges pastorally guides the reader to who God is in their suffering. He writes 50 devotions, focusing on the Trinity, in which he gently teaches the reader about who God is in their suffering and how they can know him in it. The book can be found here

Debilitated and Diminished: Helping Victims of Emotional Abuse

This period of self-isolation has shown the suffering of abuse victims and their need for help and support. Debilitated and Diminished is written for counselors and churches to help them understand the dynamics of abuse, how the victim responds in her suffering, and ways that the church can help. You can find the book here

Pandemic Resources

As our world faces COVID-19, many are tempted to worry and despair. Issues of conflict at home are exacerbated, and the abused face great risk as they shelter-in-place with their abusers. Suicide rates in certain communities have jumped, and many people grieve the loss of loved ones. Yet, God’s Word is not silent on any of these issues. God’s Words reveals to us His powerful truths to confront even the most difficult circumstances we face on this earth. Explore hererelevant resources that ACBC has released for free to minister to you (and those you love) during this time.

Road Map to Reunification: A Biblical Counselor’s Approach to Domestic Abuse

The emphasis of the 2019 BCC Council Meeting was learning to better serve victims and perpetrators of domestic oppression, abuse, and violence. I had the pleasure of presenting the Roadmap to Reunification, which is what we at Reigning Grace Counseling Center call our plan for helping those caught up in this terrible situation. Read more

Destroying Strongholds: Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Warfare

Join us for the @ACBC annual conference as we discuss “Destroying Strongholds: Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Warfare” #ACBC2020 Check out detailshere

The Annual Guide to Biblical Counseling Resources: 2020

Robert Kellemen has compiled The Annual Guide to Biblical Counseling Resources: 2020 Edition. The 2020 edition has 230 pages and 920 collated, linked, and annotated resources. Copies can be purchased here

Debilitated and Diminished: What Others are Saying

In Debilitated and Diminished, Anne Dryburgh has written a thoroughly researched treatise on the reality of emotional abuse in marriages. For this all too common problem to be addressed, it takes the accurate understanding and involvement of caring people. This book helps those involved to understand and to know how to appropriately walk alongside and provide hope to those in need of help. She shares insights from multiple scholarly resources; but ultimately gives us a biblically accurate, Christ-centered approach to this difficult topic. She helps us understand the dynamic of the control behind the abuse, and then carefully gives instructions to address this dynamic.
There is no simple fix, but accurately understanding the problem and walking through it rather than sweeping it under the rug or blaming the victim is what gives hope and encouragement. For the abused, she describes the biblical resources to grow spiritually and respond biblically in the midst of these difficult circumsta…