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Showing posts from May, 2018

Protecting Abused Women

In this ACBC podcast, Dale Johnson and Heath Lambert speak about the role of the church in helping abused women

A Time for Choosing

Heath Lambert lovingly speaks about the situation with Paige Patterson and how the Bible commands us to care for the abused

Helping a Person Who Thinks Her Story Is Too Awful

Rick Thomas gives advice when helping someone who thinks that her story is too awful to be told

Bitter Root, Rotten Fruit

Paul Tautges provides insight into dealing with bitterness

IABC: 2018 Eastern Regional Conference Recordings

IABC has generously posted the audios for the 2018 Regional conference.You can find them here

International Association of Biblical Counselors

In this BCCpodcast, Kevin Hurt speaks about the work of the International Association of Biblical Counselors in various countries around the world.

Paul Tripp & David Powlison: Caring for those Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

Paul Tripp and David Powlison discuss caring for people struggling with anxiety and depression

Julie Ganschow discusses the help, healing, and hope the church can offer through the power of the Gospel to post-abortive women.